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Optimize your selling process and guarantee a better control in your incomes

As a store, restaurant and commercial stablishment owner you must register, fast and efficiently, your purchases, but also keep track on your monthly sales in order to determine your profits. To simplify this process, Cibermaxima helps you with the Point of Sales (POS) Module, a comprehensive solution specifically designed for Dynamics SL that allows you manage the whole selling process.

Integrating Accounts Receivables and the inventory module, Cibermaxima POS system will allow your retail environment to process sales, know instantly which of your customers are doing the highest levels in purchasing and which items are selling the most. All this information will give you the ability to manage your inventory in a more profitable way, while saving you costly inventory errors.

Built on Microsoft Technology

Based on Microsoft SQL database, POS is a scalable product that allows your business to grow with an easy and well-known technology that requires no additional training.

Adaptable to Microsoft Dynamics SL and Excel

Which allows that the Dynamic users access POS screens and reports as well, but also enjoy of the benefits of Excel preconfigured cubes and OLAP technology for data analysis.

Shares many Dynamics SL tables
Chart-of-accounts, Subaccounts, ledgers, documents, PO's, terms, customers, invoices, taxes, countries, currencies, etc: There is no need to run a process between 2 systems for updating the master file.

Dynamics SL Crystal Reports

POS offers you an industry standard report writer which gives you the ability to save report development time.

Bar Code System
POS works with multiple bar codes for a single inventory item, so regardless of whether the bar code belongs to Dynamics´ or the supplier´s inventory, you just scan the inventory item and POS will find it for you.

Flexible key field schema
This unique feature allows you to end up with P&L by sight, by store and give you greater cash management capabilities.

Unit conversion

Using the unit conversions defined in the inventory module, you can sell in many unit types such as: units, dozens, boxes, cases, etc.

Direct integration to Dynamics SL general ledger
POS automatically creates Journal Entries in a detailed or summary manner to Accounts Receivable documents, Inventory batches, updating any Dynamics SL module.

Integration to account receivables
POS will create release invoices, credit memos and debit memos to Dynamics SL Accounts Receivables if an on-account type payment method is used.

Flexible auto-numbering
This can be set up per register and per document, which allows you to have a sequence for these categories. This is a legal requirement in some countries.