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Control faster and more efficiently your business fixed assets

To achieve your everyday activities, your company requires an amount of materials and equipments, which useful life it is necessary to know, in order to prevent replacements. Specifically designed to handle this matters, Cibermaxima offers you the Fixed Asset Module (FA), a sophisticated solution for Dynamics SL financial module.

Since it is connected to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders and Inventory, the Fixed Assets module eliminates any need for duplication. A number of otherwise labor intensive tasks are easily automated.

* 100% Microsoft Dynamics SL developed

Cibermaxima Fixed Assets is  built in Visual Basic codes, so it offers you powerful customizing capabilities and is easily integrated to Multi-Company, Multicurrency, Multi-Book and Multi-Ledger environments.

* Developed with SL VB Tools
Your business constant evolution, makes FA to change permanently in order to satisfy your company expectations. Due to this fact, FA is developed with Dynamics SL VB Tools, from which it derives the most powerful customizing capabilities on the market, such as: add/change/hide fields, screens and add functionality using Visual Basic for Applications, Object model compatibility, etc.

* Business Intelligence built in OLAP
Cibermaxima Fixed Assets module is integrated with Excel, which allows you to create management information reports in MS Excel, with just a few clicks and using pivot tables and OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) Technology.  This fact will give you the power to interpret and take control of Fixed Asset information without additional training.

* Crystal Reports though Dynamics SL ROI

 Cibermaxima Fixed Asset gives you a standard report writer that allows you to create new reports.


* 2003 Windows Mobile and barcode
FA has the most comprehensive functionality for asset inventory tracking, monitoring and reconciliation and performing physical counts, using a handheld device and Windows Mobile, with bar code reader installed.

* Option of Fixed Asset Imaging
Acquiring the optional imaging module, you will be able to store an unlimited number of pictures (images) as much as invoices and acquisition documents.