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As builders of your organization improvement, in Cibermaxima we understand the consulting process as a priority. Therefore, we have a specialized team to suit your needs in every possible way and help you to identify, define and come up with some ideas to solve your business problems. To accomplish this goal, in Cibermaxima we take special care of 3 factors:

Experience: Our  consulting  staff  is  a multidisciplinary task force that brings together real world experience including CGA’s, comptrollers and accountants, that understand your needs because they come from the same walk of life, dealing with the same concerns you live with on a day to day basis.
Effectiveness:  We have an intimate and extensive knowledge of the software we implement, so we focus on a plan and establish realistic goals and lapses of time in which we`ll solve your problem while your team can dedicate themselves to create the information that will give us the clue to help you better.

Return on Investment: Worried about developing a solution that will guarantee you the return of your investment, we commit ourselves to give you a service that exceeds your expectations. 

Consequently, our aim is to make your business run as effectively as possible, because we are not only installing a new software, we are helping you to implement a new way of managing your business.

The consulting process:

To come up with an idea that suits your business needs, requires from our consultants a detailed study of your company, which implies to go through the following steps:

1) To compile accurate information

 Which includes learn a little bit more about your company infrastructure and technology.

2) Company data analysis

In order to determine if the solutions we can offer you serve your needs.

3) Make a report

 In which our team describes the solution and implementation that better meets your needs.

4) Implementation:

Which implies the procedure that our consultants will follow to apply the solution to your company in a manner consistent with its purpose and design. This procedure consists of different steps.

5) Trials

During this phase, our team will check up if the solution is running properly.  Your feedbacks about the product are particularly important to enrich this part of the process. All the additional changes are also contemplated in this phase.

6) Monitoring

To check that the final product works according with the previous plan.

7) Additional rectification

 In case there is something to correct or restructure.